Writing Retreat at Home

writing retreat at home picture

Let’s create a blissful writing bubble

21 November 2020, 9.30 – 4.30pm

Three years of running writing retreats have shown me what magic can happen when we gather. We might have a myriad of reasons to write. But we all want to, and we all know that time in a different headspace, in supportive company, can help us unlock, unravel, connect, create.

It’s not as easy to get together in person these days. But we can have that gentle accountability, that bubble, the ebb and flow of peaceful writing companionship.

What will the Writing Retreat At Home look like?

It’s not just about the Saturday! A few days before I’ll post out some goodies for you to enjoy on the day (hopefully you’ll be able to wait that long!) and set up a group for us to say hi to each other.

On the Friday evening we’ll have an informal (optional) zoom ‘pen party’ to get to know one another. This will be a chance to introduce ourselves and do some short writing prompts together to get us in retreaty mood.

And on the Saturday we’ll have a zoom get together from 9.30 to check in, then off to write separately. We can keep in touch with each other via the Facebook group as we breathe, stretch and go with our own writing projects. (Optional prompts will be included in the pack you’ll receive so you can focus on those if you like).

I’ll be on zoom with my sarnies over lunchtime for a natter, and invite you to join me.

Then it’ll be another couple of hours of writing before we wrap up at 4.30, with a farewell in the Facebook group and an invite to share any writing, reflections or new developments in the days that follow.

Who’s it for?

It’s for anyone who wants a decent slice of time to themselves, to read, write and unfurl a little. It’s for you if one or more of these are true for you:

  • you’re feeling some autumn heaviness and want some time to yourself
  • you’ve been meaning to tackle those blogs or rewrite that web copy and it always falls to the bottom of the list
  • you have a creative project you want to make time for – maybe some poems or memoir, a short story or novel
  • you have a business book you’re writing or planning and could do with a good ole chunk of time
  • you’d love a few hours with your notebook (some writing prompts included in your retreat treat package!)
  • you know in your bones that a delicious blend of solitary writing and  supportive companionship is calling you

Here’s what an August retreater said about the summer retreat:

I loved the courageous vulnerability and kind generosity fostered within the group and the lovely ebb and flow of both gathering together and working in solitude. It was great being able to take a luxuriously nourishing break without needing to go anywhere. I loved reading the amazing work that others created in the day and being able to see the group magic weaved amongst their words.

What do you get?
  • A retreat pack posted out in time for Saturday, with some edible and non-edible goodies
  • Some writing prompts for you to use on the day, or whenever suits (posted in the pack)
  • Membership of a private Facebook group for the week before and after, where we’ll talk about how to set the scene for a retreat at home that works for you
  • Guidance in getting ready, with a Facebook Live from me on Sunday 15th, 7.30pm
  • Zoom invites to the ‘pen party’ 7.30 -8.30pm on the Friday night for us to get to know each other
  • Zoom invites to calls on the Saturday for brief check in and reflection, as well as lunch
  • And…
  • £5 off a place on a future round of Wordspill One (a month of writing prompts, with group reflection) or Wordspill Winter (a month of writing prompts focussed on going inwards, reflection, nurture and pause, running January 2021 – details coming soon) 
What do you need to commit?
  • time on Saturday 21 November to write
  • time in the Facebook group and on the zoom calls 
  • commitment to prepare your space 
  • £50 of your dosh
How do you get a place?

Just fill in this form, it’ll come to me, and I’ll send you payment details and all the info you need!

I’d love you to join me for some seriously nurturing time for you, your thoughts and words. (And sweet treats. You can expect those).