Wordspill Winter 2021

Wordspill winter cover scene

January invites us to hunker.


January invites us to slow down. To steep ourselves in some quiet contemplation and serious comfort.

For some, January is about imposing new rules – restricting ourselves in a bid to forge new and better habits. Start the new year with a shallow-rooted burst of doing.

Pah. That’s not what Wordspill Winter is for. We’re here for cosy socks, blankets by the fire with you notebook, pen and a mug of steaming succor. We’re here to say stop.

We’re here for gentle play, as we feel like it. For noticing what happens when we let our roots unfurl and soak up whatever it is that nurtures us.

Wordspill Winter is a quiet act of rebellion against pressure and productivity. So the real work of meeting ourselves on the page can happen instead. 


OK, Gayle, but what actually is Wordspill Winter?


Fair question.

It’s a light dusting of reflective and creative writing prompts. Three prompts a week, all focussed on those delicious themes of going within and casting off the scourge of the world outside.

It’s a private facebook group to receive the posts, share thoughts and writing. Be with others as much or little as you like.

It’s facebook lives from me at the start and midway point to explore key themes.

And it’s a 2 hour writing workshop via zoom to bring us all together (10-12 Sunday 24 January).

Mostly it’s a delicious, nourishing way to unfurl into the new year. With supportive people and prompts that will help you explore all that your particular January 2021 might have to offer you (and what it won’t).

It starts Monday 11 January and finishes two weeks later with the workshop on Sunday 24 January.

It costs £35.

To get involved you’ll need your own notebook and pen, and to give yourself time to write during the fortnight. 

Want to join us? Or know a friend who might? There are a maximum of 24 places.

And I now have gift certificates, so if you’d like to buy a place for a friend I can post a lovely postcard for you to give (second class postage free for orders placed by 4 December).

Just contact me here with questions or to book your spot (places confirmed upon payment).