Wordspill One

reflective writing with cake

What is Wordspill One?

Wordspill One is a month of writing, facilitated by me. In little, bitesize, manageable chunks. It is focussed on ‘just writing’ – giving yourself a guided daily dose of time with your notebook, with no expectation that anything you produce will be ‘good’.

It’s called Wordspill because my own writing practice has shown the confidence and trust brought to me by writing spills over into all areas of life and work. (It’s called ‘One’ because there are other themed Wordspills to come, and this is the first).

You can do it individually and privately, though there will be a closed Facebook group for everyone joining in, and zoom calls so we can get together.


Because playing with words is good for us. It’s good for our minds/emotions AND it’s good for our businesses.

When I spent daily time with my notebook this is what I find:

  • I surprise myself – both in the thoughts that appear on the page, and how I express them.
  • I feel lighter, less burdened – often we have thoughts and feelings that are clogging us up. Writing doesn’t make them go away, but it does contain them. And the page doesn’t judge.
  • I feel clearer – there might be a nameless idea, fear or hope that’s wafting about. The page gives us a place to tease it out, or at least catch a glimpse
  • I know myself better. I become a better ally to myself. It sounds flowery but I think we all need to treat ourselves with more kindness, and writing lets me do that
  • I feel more confident – probably because of all of the other points I’ve just listed. When I see ideas I didn’t know I had, or express them in ways I didn’t know I was capable of, when I give space to work through fears, when I allow wishes or possibilities to take shape, some of that spills over into everyday life. I trust myself more, I give things a go.

And I trust that this is true for you, just as it is for me. It’s been true of participants so far. Here’s what one of them said midway through:

Amazed how quickly it created a shift and how many things it’s shed a compassionate light on aspects that I didn’t even know were hidden away inside of me – and provided them with an voice too, which is such a powerful gift in itself. It really has been such a joy and I really do appreciate both your talent and kindness of heart to create such a fab course. (DR, June 2020)

I consider my personal and reflective writing an important part of running my business. And that’s not because I run a writing business, it’s because it helps me know, like and trust myself better.

If you’ve read anything about marketing, you’ll know that knowing, liking and trusting is crucial in getting people to connect with and buy from you. What’s not discussed as often is the need to do it with ourselves too.

So, I expect, that at the end of Wordspill One you will have:

  • A newly (re)nurtured regular writing habit
  • A newly (re)invigorated sense of self
  • A growing clarity of what’s most important to you
  • Some sprouting ideas of what you might do next in life and business
  • A trusted ally in your notebook

What’s involved?

All the action from me will take place in a private Facebook group, alongside weekly group zoom calls.

You will get:

  • An introduction into the ethos of reflective writing, and staying safe as you do it
  • Weekly posts introducing you to the writing themes for the week
  • Daily writing prompts Monday – Friday
  • Invites to Saturday zoom calls for reflection and joint writing
  • A supportive community of people to write alongside
  • Me in the group answering any questions and sharing reflections

You are not required to share any of your writing, though you are welcome to, and I ask that you support others when they do (we will discuss how to give feedback).

You will need to commit:

  • Between 5-20 minutes each day for the writing prompts (you get to choose how long)
  • Time to engage in the group, by reading and responding to others’ posts
  • To attending the zoom calls 9.30-10.30 on Saturday mornings (if possible – recommended but not compulsory)
  • £50 of your money

You need to know…

I am not a therapist. This is not aimed at exploring trauma, it’s aimed at helping people, especially values-driven business owners, understand and connect with themselves more (though the topics won’t be business-focussed. This is about you and your play).

However, I do take both the power of words and your wellbeing seriously. We will spend some time in the first week exploring how to develop a personal writing habit that feels safe for you.

Join in

The next round will start Monday 1 February and finish Sunday 28 February 2021.

I don’t have any magic payment buttons set up (that’s coming soon!). If you want in, or have more questions, fill in this contact form and I will get back to you pronto with payment details and/or answers!