Timebank – the ultimate in flexible support

Gayle Johnson, Red Tree Writing for compassionate, values-driven copywriting

Are you as clear as you’d like to be?

Maybe you love writing your own words but you’re not sure you’re coming across clearly or convincingly. Are they working effectively? Is your message getting through? Or maybe you’re not quite sure of what you want to say in the first place…

A good edit is like chiselling away at rock – the material’s all there but the edit turns it into a jaw-dropping sculpture.

And it’s not just about the words – having someone trusted, friendly and professional to bounce your ideas around with makes them stronger, too. Which means you’re more confident, and that shows in your writing.

Timebank gives you the support you want, when and how you want it – whether it’s someone confidential to chat through ideas, to look over and lovingly comment on your drafts, to share resources and thoughts or to ask the questions to get you moving with your writing project. By email, phone or Skype/zoom, or a combination.

Your support for your business, your way.

It works like this:

You decide how much support you need each month, from two – five hours. (One off sessions also available if there’s a specific issue you want help getting to the heart of).

You use that time as you see fit – sending me drafts, asking me questions, booking in skype/zoom sessions. I check-in each week to let you know how much time you have banked that month, and to see how things are going.

We work with your stuff, your way, and you know all along that someone is on your team when you need them.

 Aimed at:
  • Entrepreneurs working on a big project (maybe a book or new course)
  • Businesses/entrepreneurs who blog or release new content regularly and want to make the most of it
  • Businesses/entrepreneurs who want someone on their team to get their message powered up
  • Anyone who is looking to develop their writing voice in a supportive, confidential environment
 Brilliant for:
  • Getting clarity on your ideas and powering them up
  • Making sure your words are bang on
  • Developing confidence and skills in your writing voice
  • Working through blocks and frustrations
  • Having support as you create content that will have the biggest impact
 Financial investment:

£65/hour for between 2-5 hours support each month, for a minimum of three months.

One off 45 minute zoom/skype session: £80.

Message me to book now!