The Web One

What can you do in a minute? 

Apparently the average time spent on a website is less than sixty seconds. You’ve got under a minute to do a lot of work:

  • Show your reader they’re in the right place
  • Convince them you do what they need
  • Start to build trust that you’ll do what you say
  • Let them know what they need to do next

Less is often more on a website – the simpler the better. But that doesn’t make it easy. Knowing what words to use, where, and how to guide your reader to the next step of working with you is the difference between a site that gets readers to stick around to buy something and one that doesn’t.

This involves going deep into your business, what you stand for, who you’re really talking to (it’s NEVER ‘everyone’), how you operate and giving off enough scent through your site that you’re readers go ‘Sniff, sniff. Smells good! Click!’ Doing it on your own is possible. Doing it together is dynamite.

First of all we have an hour’s meeting, to get to the heart of who you’re talking to and what they need. I summarise this into a short report for you to keep and use with any other branding work. Then we agree a brief that focuses exactly on that – and I get on with writing the words.

Aimed at:

This is for businesses/entrepreneurs that want their websites to speak up. They want to look at where they’re going with their work, who they need to reach and have an online presence that represents them wholeheartedly.

And they want to make life really easy for their reader. Make it easy for them to say yes (or no, if they’re the wrong person – you can’t work with everyone!) and take the next step – whether that’s booking a call, signing up to a group or newsletter, or sending an email.

Brilliant for:

  • Businesses/entrepreneurs needing to clarify their message and what they stand for
  • Conveying that message without resorting to cheesy, salesy or corporate-speak
  • Digging out what’s really important rather than losing readers in a sea of words
  • Making life easy for your reader so they can say yes without having to work too hard

Time investment:

A 1 hour Skype/meeting to explore your brand, audience and voice

Time to review edits and publish your copy (liaising with your web designer if you work with one)

Financial investment:

£100 for planning meeting and report

From £175 for a single page