The Planning One

What do you stand for?

Why do you do what you do? What’s the thing you bring to the world, and who needs to know about it? Nailing this is critical to any future content, marketing or sales work.

If you know, with perfect clarity, what you’re here to do, who you can help (and who you can’t) you’ve got fertile ground for creating all sorts of offers, wisdom and opportunities to connect.

If you don’t… you’re scrabbling in the ground frantically looking for… anything. Your audience senses that. They sense that you’re casting around, trying to find something that works. And of course, we all have to plan with our audience in mind. But we need to know why us, why now, why we can help. And we need to spell that out. In words.

Spend a day (or two half days) getting to the root of all this. And then creating content and offer ideas that are all aligned with you, your business purpose and your audience. Everything all supporting each other, like a beautiful business eco system.

Aimed at:

  • Values-driven entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Start-ups or people wanting to reboot and recharge their business
  • People who want someone to get them. If I have a super power, it’s getting people and their USPs
  • People who want to think deep, then act. I love both. I think businesses need both.

Brilliant for:

  • Tuning in to what you’re all about, what it’s all about (not the hokey cokey)
  • Light bulb moments
  • Creating a plan of action from a place of clear understanding
  • Coming up with all sorts of phenomenal content that will get your audience hooked