The Mentoring One

“Write like you” they say. “Be yourself” they say. But sometimes it’s not that simple.

If you’re running a values-driven business you do it because you care (deeply) about what you do, and because you want to help people. So words are vital – you need to get your message out there. You know there are people you can help. And this is what you love to do.

But what if:
  • you’re not quite sure what you want to say
  • you’re not quite sure who you’re writing for
  • you’re worried about getting lost in the crowd
  • you know what you want to say but can’t get it out right
  • you feel bland and blah about your writing – it’s become a chore
  • you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, no-one’s engaging or responding?

We can get stuck at any stage in the writing process. It’s often because we’re too close to it, we can’t unpick something we care about so deeply. And then the words shrink back. We shrink back and wonder what the hell we’re doing. We stop writing, or we write a sea of beige that rings hollow.

And that’s where writing mentoring comes in.

Together, we can get your message shining bright. We can get you tuned in to exactly what it is you want to share, with whom, and how.

These 3 hour 1-1 writing mentoring sessions are highly personalised. We start with you – where you are right now. And we go from there. They’re available as a one off, or you can book a series of three, to be taken within nine months.

How does it work?

You’ll get:

  • a pre-session clarity questionnaire so we can hit the ground running
  • three hours face to face, gently getting to the heart of your writing
  • the opportunity to send me two pieces of content for review for 7 days after our session.
Aimed at

Values-driven businesses who have a sense their words are holding them back. You want to develop a writing habit and voice of your own for your blog and other content, but you know you’re not quite tuned in. Plus you can’t think of what to write anyway!

Brilliant for

Saving you oodles of time. Relighting that fire. You’ll tune in to yourself and unlock creative power you never knew you had. Plus you’ll get a fresh perspective on what’s so brilliant about what you do. We’ll zoom out so you can see your place in the family of things. We’ll hone in so you get intimate with the very essence of what you have to say. Tuning in means you won’t be striving for new content ideas or checking what everyone else is doing, you’ll create from a place of honesty and self-understanding.

“She holds me accountable every month and she guides me beautifully and subtly because she gets me and she understands my why.
If you want to write and you feel you need someone to hold your hand and guide you – whatever it is you’re writing – then this is the lady to talk to.” Jules White, Compassio Coaching

 Financial investment

£250  plus travel expenses (we’ll use a central venue in York, or I can come to you by arrangement)

£600 plus travel expenses for three sessions booked as a block