Do you ever think, “Wouldn’t it be great if I could bounce ideas around and build my writing with someone professional, friendly, independent, supportive and confidential? Who’ll listen to me, tune-in to what I stand for, then help spark and shape-up fantastic new ideas? Who will edit my stuff and offer honest and supportive feedback? And then take some of the work away, if I want?”

That’s what writing mentoring’s for.

We will meet over Skype (or face to face) and go through what’s important in your business: for your clients and for you. We’ll establish your voice, your approach and together we’ll plan copy and content that just oozes you-ness, so your clients know exactly why they need to work with you. You’ll get a follow-up email from me outlining everything we’ve discussed. I will then review up to two drafts for you (maybe two webpages – whatever you need). We can do a one-off consult, or make a regular arrangement, whatever you need.

Aimed at

Businesses or entrepreneurs who have a sense their words are holding them back. You want to develop a writing habit and voice of your own for your blog and other content, but you know you’re not quite tuned in. Plus you can’t think of what to write anyway!

Brilliant for

Saving you oodles of time. Rather than agonizing over a blank screen, you’ll power through writer’s block and fill that screen with words. You’ll unlock creative power you never knew you had. Plus you’ll get a fresh perspective on what’s so brilliant about what you do. And then we’ll whittle it down to the very essence of what you have to say. You won’t run out of steam or confidence, because I’ve got your back.

And these are skills you’ll have for life.

Time investment

An initial one hour, followed by whatever you need.

 Financial investment