The Incentive One

What’s your irresistible offer? 

If you could solve just one problem for your clients, what would it be? That’s what you need to give them in exchange for their contact details. That’s the way to build a community around you, who trust what you do and who will listen the next time you want to share something with them, or sell to them.

And that’s what we’ll come up with together. Something ESSENTIAL for your potential clients or buyers – something that calls to them and shows off your USP. And not a grubby ‘bait & switch’ thing. It’s not about promising ‘The one simple secret to immortality’ then selling them your healthy eating programme (which might be really good, but isn’t going to lead to immortality. Correct me if I’m wrong on this). It’s about tuning into how you really can make a difference then making good on your promise to do just that.

We’ll agree the theme and content together, then I’ll go away and produce something of up to 2000 words (though it might be much shorter – it doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be good) for you to prettify, personalize and turn into your PDF report, guide, checklist, cheat sheet or manifesto. Or use how else you wish.

Aimed at: 

This is for businesses who want to grow their community. Who know what they offer needs to reach more people, and know that they can help solve people’s problems. It’s to give you a wonderful, irresistible morsel to whet the appetites of the folk who are curious about you but not quite sure yet. Call them over, give them something appetising and nutritious, then they’ll be ready when you want to serve the next round of goodness.

Brilliant for:

  • Building trust
  • Gaining authority
  • Giving voice to the unique way you do business
  • Focusing on the heart of what you do and who it helps
  • Helping you tune-in to your offer and differentiate it from the crowd
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to grow big, strong and credible

 Time investment:

  • A 1 hour skype/phonecall to agree content and themes
  • Review of drafts
  • Any design work you choose to do before publication.

 Financial investment: