The Book One

Showcase your thought leadership

Nothing shows authority more than a book. Books are seriously impressive, in the way that a zingy blog (while also wonderful in its own right) just isn’t. Getting your book published is a short-cut to being a thought leader, and all the opportunities that go along with that lofty status.

Books are the gateway to higher-level clients and speaking engagements. They’re the way you influence more people and reach more people of influence.

They’re also the way to help people, at scale. When they choose. Imagine all the people who need your words actually getting their hands on them. Imagine the difference you could make.

Whether you want help scoping and shaping your book or someone to walk side-by-side with you through the whole process,  I can help you get to a 30,000 – 40,000 word manuscript of publishable standard.

A book planning day gets your book backbone in place.

Monthly mentoring ensures you put the flesh on the bones and get it done.

Aimed at:

  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who want to level-up
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who have an important message
  • Businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to develop their authority and credibility by becoming a published author

Brilliant for:

  • Sorting out ideas into a structure that works
  • Having a trusted professional to bounce ideas off
  • Anyone going round in circles with their thoughts or words
  • Getting that book written – if it’s something you’ve had on the bucket list, how does it feel to know you can get it done within a few months?

Time investment:

An intensive planning day

Regular writing time

Financial investment:

Planning day: £650 (plus travel costs)

Monthly review, accountability and mentoring: £220 (initial three month period)