The Blogs One

Superfoods for your business

Blogs are how your people get to know your business, and know that you know your business.

Our blog writing collaborations start with your message, values and zone of expertise. We discuss who you’re talking to, what they care about and how you can help them. You may have some blog ideas already, maybe not. I’ll go away, come up with titles and themes for each week for you to take a look at.

Once we’ve agreed those, you’ll get a freshly minted, researched, original post  (500-700 words), with lovely, helpful content for your readers that shows them you know what you’re talking about and care enough about it to post regularly. If you have any edits, I take care of those within 48 hours (unless agreed otherwise).

Aimed at: 

Perfect for businesses/entrepreneurs who love what they do and want to show how it can change people’s lives. Regular blogging will let readers see what you offer from every angle going, and it will prove to them (and to Google, which loves to see freshly updated content on websites) that you’re committed to your work and your message. It’ll let people peep behind the scenes of you and what you stand for, building that all-important trust so they come to you when they need to.

Brilliant for: 

  • Getting your message out clearly, in a way that shows your audience you know what you’re talking about
  • Giving you high value content you can share, not just on your blog, but across social media too
  • People who know they’ve got something worth saying, but don’t have the time to commit to saying it regularly!
  • People who feel blocked coming up with new, interesting and helpful content related to their area of expertise (there is no shame in this! Sometimes we’re just too close to our own genius :-))


Time investment:

  • An initial 30-45 minute Skype/phone meeting to unlock all the lovely potential of your blog
  • A 30 minute Skype /phone meeting every 3 months for regular clients to review progress and plan future content
  • Time each week to publish and promote your fabulous blog posts

 Financial investment:

£75 for blog up to 750 words

£250 monthly package when you sign up for at least 2 months (1 blog per week – so sometimes you get five!)