Summer energy and the compassionate copy download

Summer’s here and there are so many ideas in my head I could pop.

Partly this is due to the longer days, the endless possibilities that sunshine, greenery and open skies bring.

Mainly, though, it’s due to lots of support I’m getting in my business at the moment. I have a fabulous business mentor in the shape of Lori Fitzgerald (life is so much easier when you know someone’s got your back and you can chew things over – I think everyone in business needs someone like that).

I was also lucky enough to join The One Retreat, a business/life retreat run by the force of nature that is Shaa Wasmund. You need to check her out. She’s a game changer.

Ahhhh, that retreat. The power created by a group of driven women, all brave enough to be vulnerable, all focussed enough to know what they stand for and what they want. Experienced coaches to challenge and support in equal measure. The most beautiful, colourful food. Plus the joy of waking up to dive into a heated outdoor swimming pool. It was glorious.

One of the many things I took away from my time there was a deeper understanding of what my work’s about, what I stand for.

It comes down to compassionate copy. I love writing that connects people with what they care about, what they need to hear, writing that sells because it genuinely helps.

And I love helping other people tune-in to their own voice and message. To embrace their expertise and authority. I’ve realised that the strongest writing is a collaboration, always. That might be with a ghostwriter, it might be with the person you’re writing for who’s front and centre in your mind, or it might be with your own creativity. But it’s a partnership, a dialogue. It’s never just you on your own.

So, I created this. It’s the process I use when writing compassionate copy to check I’m on point. If I’m sitting down to write a blog, a webpage, a Facebook post, an ebook, a book – these are the top things I run through in my mind.

And I want you to have it too – no cost, no obligation to sign up to anything, no nuthin. Just have it in the spirit of summer and collaboration!

It’s a quick-read printable A4 – stick it by your desk, in your laptop case or fold into your notebook.

Here you go! the compassionate copy checklist

And if you like it, and feel excited about doing compassionate business, come join me over on my business page www.facebook.com/redtreewriting and tell me what you think. Hope to see you there.

p.s. in case you missed it, here’s the compassionate copy checklist again 🙂


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