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Want to write copy that connects? Ask these five questions.

Red Tree Writing: 5 copy questions to ask yourself if you want to connect with your reader

The sun is shining at last! Is finally spring on its way? This is a short little blog on copy I’ve been meaning to post for some time, and this sunny, end of week energy has finally prodded me into action. I’m all about compassionate copywriting. The point of compassionate copy is kindness. And as …

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Copy minus compassion: three ways to drive your reader away

three ways to drive your reader away by leaving compassion out of your copy

Several years ago I was walking in York when a ‘monk’ stepped in front of me, thrust a clipboard into my face, said he was raising money, showed me lots of people who’d signed a form pledging £20 each (all with amazingly similar handwriting) and asked me how much I was going to contribute. All without …

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Five quick tips to improve the readability of your blog

improve your blog with these readability tips

I’m no grammar expert. I taught English as a Second Language for a year back in the 1990s and my mind was blown. If you asked me to explain the past perfect continuous without reference to my trusty copy of ‘Practical English Usage’ I’d be lost. Neither am I a grammar pedant. I’m far more …

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Can your writing be too good?

Yes. It can. Or, at least, it can be too clever. I love writing – I feel so lucky to do it for a living. In my old job, on occasion I’ve lingered in my ‘sent’ folder over a beautifully crafted email (I know, I know. Not healthy. Or productive). Writing’s what I do when I want to …

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Why I learned to love editing – and why you should too

I spent most of my university days putting off writing until the very last minute. Editing didn’t get a look in. What was messing about with a few words going to do in the long run? I have changed. Editing is awesome (I don’t use that word often). You need to do it when you write about …