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What does ‘space’ have to do with writing?

space is important in writing

Life is busy. Life offers us so much – it is noisy. Ideas, services, products compete for our attention. Even the things or people we love can feel demanding. We only have so much time and energy to go round. A day assaulted by the thoughts, feelings and offers of others leaves us drained and …


13 ways to be kind to your writing self

13th November is World Kindness Day. How cool is that? A day to focus our attention on generous thoughts and actions to ourselves and others. It’s late in the day as I write this, as I’ve just got back from holidaying in Madeira (gorgeous island, beautiful flowers and sunsets, though don’t recommend tackling all the …


5 ways to start your blog post

5 tips for getting started on your blog post

We’ve recently been discussing writing blocks over in The Copy Kitchen (come and join us and get involved!). And one of the biggies that came up was how to get started on your blog post – how to get the ball rolling once you’ve decided you have something to share. So this is for you …


Does your copy have this essential quality?

make sure your copy connects with your client

There are SO many tips, tricks and formulas to writing copy. It’s exhausting. And I’m just not into it. I’m not out to trick people, or to learn ways to get them to buy from me through some secret cleverness. I’m not saying doing what works isn’t important. I’m saying it doesn’t have to come …


How to uncover your true values

picking your values can feel a bit like picking sweets. Try this instead.

I care about values more than analytics. There, I said it. In the past I’ve felt so nervous about saying that – like I’m not a proper copywriter if I don’t abide by the formulas and the rules and the numbers. Here’s what I believe. I believe formulas and rules have their place – they …

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Want to write copy that connects? Ask these five questions.

Red Tree Writing: 5 copy questions to ask yourself if you want to connect with your reader

The sun is shining at last! Is finally spring on its way? This is a short little blog on copy I’ve been meaning to post for some time, and this sunny, end of week energy has finally prodded me into action. I’m all about compassionate copywriting. The point of compassionate copy is kindness. And as …

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What can lighthouses teach us about blogging?

stand tall in your message when you blog - be a lighthouse

Lighthouses have cropped up a few times over the last few days. And not just because I had a micro-adventure on the wilds of the North Yorkshire coast. I launched my blog buzz programme last week. I love blogs. Writing them and reading them. As I talk about here, blogs are magic spells – they …