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Copy minus compassion: three ways to drive your reader away

three ways to drive your reader away by leaving compassion out of your copy

Several years ago I was walking in York when a ‘monk’ stepped in front of me, thrust a clipboard into my face, said he was raising money, showed me lots of people who’d signed a form pledging £20 each (all with amazingly similar handwriting) and asked me how much I was going to contribute. All without …

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What can lighthouses teach us about blogging?

stand tall in your message when you blog - be a lighthouse

Lighthouses have cropped up a few times over the last few days. And not just because I had a micro-adventure on the wilds of the North Yorkshire coast. I launched my blog buzz programme last week. I love blogs. Writing them and reading them. As I talk about here, blogs are magic spells – they …


How to write an awesome ‘how to’ blog

'how to' blog posts are magic spells for you and your reader. Find out how to write them in this post.

So we’ve talked about why to blog, and we’ve talked about making it easy to read. But, when you’re sitting there looking at a blank screen, what in the world do you write about? It will depend on your purpose. If you’re looking to promote a product or service, you’ll have a blog-writing campaign around …

Writing Tips

Five quick tips to improve the readability of your blog

improve your blog with these readability tips

I’m no grammar expert. I taught English as a Second Language for a year back in the 1990s and my mind was blown. If you asked me to explain the past perfect continuous without reference to my trusty copy of ‘Practical English Usage’ I’d be lost. Neither am I a grammar pedant. I’m far more …


Business blogging tips: blog on purpose

blogging with purpose: tips to get your blog started the way you want

Lately I’ve been talking to people who are either just setting up, or have been in business a while and want to start a blog. This is music to my ears. Blogs are beautiful, potent forces for good: good for your business, your readers, your writing. Getting started, then. Your first move is to think …


Writing copy? Do these things to connect and sell

5 tips for getting started on your blog post

I don’t think it’s always necessary to get hung up on the correct terminology. Much more important to be clear in what you’re saying than worry about fancy words. But a few people have asked me the same question recently. They want to know what ‘copy’ is. They know it’s about writing for business – …


What’s hot and what’s not in 2018

writing planning

Like many small business owners I’m using January to reflect and plan (and do my tax return at the last minute). I’m someone who loves reflection time. In fact, it can be a bit of a weakness. I can spend so much time reflecting and mulling and planning that I forever put off the doing. …