Gayle Johnson, copywriter and writing mentor

Doing work you love is a total gift. Except for the bit where you never switch off, feel completely overwhelmed and can’t see the wood for the trees.

When you hire a writer, you don’t just want someone who turns out nicely phrased copy. You want someone who gets you and what you’re about. I’m Gayle Johnson, and my clients tell me I’m that someone.

Compassionate copy is all about taking the time to understand what you stand for, why it matters, and who needs to know about it.

When you work with me you get a confidential ally, who’s distant enough to provide a fresh perspective and, perhaps, ask some challenging questions. Someone who will really, truly listen. Who will get to the heart of what you’re about.

I became a freelance writer when I realised I was slowly ossifying in my management job. I had a bit of a lightbulb moment after my children were born (is that ever the cliché… but it was true for me. I got a wake up call about what’s important in life, and what’s not). Doing what you love and doing it well is important.

What I love is developing deep working relationships with people who know that what they’re doing is A Good Thing. And I love helping them get their good things to more people. So I reflect your business back to you, in ways that are honest, and yet more sparkly and powerful than you realise. I find the story, the essence, your USP. I’m like a USP-hunter and proclaimer!

I get my kicks from sorting and clarifying ideas, messages, big themes and getting stuck in to writing stuff with substance – whether that’s a meaty incentive, a book, a killer LinkedIn profile or a series of short and sweet blogs with a powerful message.

And these are some values I hold dear:

  • We matter. Our time and money matters. Let’s spend it doing what’s important – do more of what makes you and others happy.
  • Life’s made up of billions of small things. The small things are the big things. Make your work and your actions a vote for the sort of world you want to see.
  • It’s ok to do things differently. There are 7.4 billion ways to be normal. (And there are plenty of people just like you who are waiting for you to get out there and connect with them).
  • The exciting stuff happens on the edge. That doesn’t mean jumping off a cliff everyday, but it does mean exploring new networks, ways of working, making connections, building bridges. Learning all the time.

If this has you nodding your head, let’s connect! I’d love to see you over in my free community The Copy Kitchen. And if you’d like my help with your words and message, check out my services.