Can your writing be too good?

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  1. Gary Baker
    January 16, 2016 Reply

    Congratulations on your BAFB win. Some months ago Sophie Lizard managed to wheedle her way into my overstuffed inbox and so far has avoided being relegated to the Gmail promotions folder and usually doesn’t get archived right away.

    Today she hooked me with her subject line “Smart or Stupid?[And did you win?]”, and there you were. I enjoyed my stroll through the Red Tree blog forest and now it’s time I got back to work (err play) editing my latest efforts.Thanks for the tips and good luck.

    1. Gayle
      January 16, 2016 Reply

      Ha! Thanks Gary. I know what you mean about overstuffed inbox, I had a phase of subscribing to everything, but her stuff always gets read, it’s ace. Thanks for dropping by and happy working/playing to you.

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