Do you have kick-ass copy? 

Maybe you love writing your own words but you’re not sure you’re coming across clearly or convincingly. Are they working hard? Is your message cutting through?

A good edit is like chiselling away at rock – the material’s all there but the edit turns it into a jaw-dropping sculpture. And it’s not just about the words – having someone trusted, friendly and professional to bounce your ideas around with makes them stronger, too.

It works like this: You send me your unvarnished text (in full prose form, not just bullet points). I read through it, sharpening it up where needed and providing clear commentary on what I’ve done and why. I’ll also ask friendly questions (because I’m like that) all with the aim of making your words work as hard as they can so they chime with your audience.

 Aimed at:

  • Businesses/entrepreneurs who blog or release new content regularly and want to make the most of it
  • Businesses/entrepreneurs who want someone on their team to get their message powered up
  • Anyone who is looking to develop their writing voice in a supportive environment

 Brilliant for: 

  • Making sure your blogs (or other content) are bang on
  • Developing confidence and skills in your writing voice
  • Having a supportive, impartial professional (me!) give you honest feedback on how you come across

 Time investment:

  • An initial 30 min skype/phonecall
  • Time to draft the content
  • Time to read through the edits and hit publish

 Financial investment: