I’m Gayle and I’m a writer, writing mentor, ghostwriter and business writer.

I work with people who are changing the world for the better. I help you use words powerfully to promote your cause, values and offer, whether that’s through the book you’ve always wanted to write, blogs or other business writing.

How does it work?

I listen. I get under the skin of what you do and, crucially, who it’s for. What is it about you and your work that’ll connect with them, make them stop and take notice? What’s the magic connection between what you offer and what they need in their lives? What expertise do you have, expertise that is uniquely yours (even if others are offering something similar) that can change people’s lives for the better?

Basically it’s a conversation. We discuss what you need – here are some ideas. And we go from there. There’s no one size fits all. Just what you and your audience need.

Words matter. Make yours count.

If you’re curious about what magic we can cook up together, get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute conversation. No pressure, no hard sales (that really isn’t how I work, as you’ll see when we speak!), just lots of friendly interest in what you stand for and where you’re at.



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